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Like the NBA vinyl iron-on transfers, iron-on embroidery patches and tactical morale patches are also used to decorate your clothing in an easy and fast way.


NBA iron on patches and tactical morale patches are the best choice when you don't want to have to sew your patches onto a garment! All you need is an iron, a cloth, and about five minutes worth of effort to attach your patches. These NBA patches developed specifically to your group's special design needs are all we do.


Iron-on embroidery patches are used to iron on fabric with an iron or heat press machine for its glue backing; while tactical morale patches allows patches easily attach to something for its loop and hook backing; Tactical morale patches are easily peeled off and replaced with new ones, while iron-on patches don't come off easily once you iron or sew it on fabric.


They both are embroidery patches to decorate your fabric easily, just with differrent backings.


See the sample:

It is only their backs that are different:


Image 1: Tactical morale patches with loop & hook back (LEFT) and iron-on patch with glue back (RIGHT)

Image 2: Same embroidery front. 

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